Monster announces three new headhpone models at the Monaco Grand Prix

Monster Inspiration, Diamnod Tears Edge and VEKTR

If you are a fan of the Monster headphones, you’d be glad to know that the company has just announced new models. Called Inspiration, Diamnod Tears Edge and VEKTR, they are all quite the lookers. The first of the bunch, the Inspiration, features lots of noise canceling and dampening materials and is aimed at people who want to eliminate the surrounding noise and focus on the music they are listening without looking like a tool. Furthermore, the headbands are interchangeable and Monster offers quite a lot of personalization options for you to choose from.

Next up the list are the Diamond Tears Edge headphones, which we think look the best. They feature very big and soft ear cushions and pack the ControlTalk Universal mic and remote control, making them perfect for use with a smartphone.

And finally, there’s the VEKTR headphones, which have been developed in cooperation with the Diesel clothing brand to go with their fashionable pieces. As such, the Diesel logo is found on both ear cups.

Pricing and availability are shrouded in mystery, although you shouldn’t expect anything carrying the Monster to come cheap or even with a reasonable price tag.

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