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Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S review

Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S

Sony Ericsson has recently released new brand Sony Xperia Arc S with attractive & pretty features as well as also upgrade than its previous version Arc. It is the strength for Sony Ericsson that coming with fineness and cool design; it has 1.4 GHz single processor with Android operating system, digital camera with high resolutions, Wi-Fi, LCD display, video recording, FM radio, camera sensor, LED flash, USB connector and many more features

Sony Ericsson is playing in very premium market where consumers are brand & quality conscious and buying willingly. However, market share may be lower than other brands, but Sony Ericsson has more loyal consumers who are hardly switch to other brands. Now a day, all Smartphone are coming with android operating system which is running very faster than others and also smoothly operate. Xperia Arc S design is very finest, slimmest, lovely and of course looking so much cool which is available in Misty silver color, it has two stage button of camera where one button to focus and other for shoot. The HDMI connector, USB connector, each setting of menu are placed at good level, volume ups/down button little larger that looking more prominent, model finishing is really cool at both side rear and front side.


The Xperia Arc S has 8.1 MP Exmor R camera sensors which will be giving you more fineness, brightness of images viewing resolutions. The other unique features which is known Sweep Panorama that stitching tool with support for building 3D images as well, which produces wildly varying results. It has included 16x digital zoom which will be giving you good clarity during the movie recording. You can use also auto focus adjustment, multi shots, Geo – tagging, face detection clearly picture stabilizer, video stabilizer where you will be getting extra ordinary result. Xperia Arc S will give you more facial and closer quality image that look decent & pretty than previous version.

Operating System:

Yes, on this time Sony Ericsson Arc S come up with Android 2.3.4 operating system with multi touch screen which is well advanced than 2.3.3, and you can also install you can install shortcuts to apps, folders and all sorts of live widgets. Additionally, Sony has been added few plug ins on Android market to expand its functionality, all kind of social networking site work very well, twitter, Facebook, Google talk as well as Gmail, Google Search, Google Search by Voice, Play Now, Google Calendar, Google Latitude etc. You can do SMS, Email, MMS and POP3& IMAP4 supported for Email protocol. You can download applications, games and also share your internal memory. The battery life is also good that it has capacity of 1500 mAh; talk time duration up to 445 min in GSM & up to 445 min in UMTS, while it will be up to 460 hours in stand by. Sony Ericsson has pre-loaded its Connected Devices app on DLNA support that enabling users to share their phone content through a Wi-Fi network to a TV, laptop or mobile phone that supports DLNA. And, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S still has 237MB free for future apps.


If you will do overall analysis in terms of features and specification as you are expecting, this Xperia Arc S will be better and also give you good performance with all basic features, design and looks fine than other brand with same range. So, you can take advantage and use it very comfortably with touch screen.


If you are looking for slim, bright, pretty design, extra ordinary performance in android smart phone,premium range with as per your expectation, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S will be perfect which has cost only$299. This smart phone is well advanced features and technologically than Arc series. You can also refer Sony Ericsson website with specific your area and get the detail information as per requirement. Also, you will get 24/7 hours support from Customer care for further information or queries.

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