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Samsung Preparing to launch 11.6-inches Tablet

Samsung seems to be digging in deep for the benefit masses giving them a different experience with the tablet world. Samsung is willing to have delivered all the good stuff that it possibly can. There are a lot many who are trying to make their grip firm on the segment. But Samsung is going up very strong with all the positives.

Samsung has won the case against the ban on sales of Galaxy tablets. Here now again Samsung is willing going to launch an 11.6 inch tablet for the masses. This ways it is standing upright again.
February 2012 and the Mobile World congress will be visiting the launch of the 11.6 inch tablet that will merrily run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich the operating system that is very efficiently equipping many devices that come in at several forms. The venue chosen for the release has been one very delicately serving the company since a long time. All major announcements and unveiling are done at the venue only since this one augurs good for the company and its devices.

The tablet is expected to have a good and logical 16:10 aspect ratio which proves in good for the device holders giving them a decent experience of the screen. The screen will also be fully equipped with a resolution support of 2560 x 1600 pixels. The whole thing has made it sound so intriguing for the would-be users. The screen size is predicted to be slightly larger than the previous members of the clan. This one will be slightly larger than 10.1 inches what happens to be the size of the predecessors.
The further information on this is that the device is going to be shipping in the 2GHz dual core Exynos 5250 processor. Well this will be good enough for the device and the very buttery function access that will make the whole package an irresistible one for many who are looking up to have a complete well organised experience with the tablet at once.

The information provided above is all that we presently could lay hands on. The launching of the device as now is far away and there be a lot of information flowing in on this one fora long period.

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