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RIM required to rebrand BBX to Blackberry 10

Rebrand BBX to Blackberry 10

BlackBerry 10 is what the next generation mobile series by RIM has been named. The Company has been forced to do so after the Trademark dispute in the U.S. Prior to this the band was to be known as BBX which had some disputes attached to it however. Now the company has announced the new name in DevCon Asia conference at Singapore.

The new Smartphone series is to ship in the best by BlackBerry and QNX platforms. The re-branded series will bring a lot many improvements to the whole experience of Smartphone sand tablets. This will give the best deals to partners along with the customers too.

RIM had exclusive views on the re=branding of the series saying, “The BlackBerry 10 name reflects the significance of the new platform and will leverage the global strength of the BlackBerry brand while also aligning perfectly with RIM's device branding". The barring of RIM from using the brand name BBX at the Singapore conference took place after a software company named Basic International filed a petition for temporary restraining order with a court in the U.S. henceforth the court barred RIM on Tuesday from making use of the same.

RIM although has changed the brand entirely did not find any reason for any dispute as the marks used by the two are different in looks as well as in trade. Both deal in different segments and different platforms altogether. Both the companies are in different line of business altogether. RIM also has not yet seen the legal complaint but to be on the safer side is did the requisite of changing the whole thing.

The U.S. District Court has found the reason to be a valid one for RIM to change the brand entirely. The Court said that the line of products is also the same so RIM had to take the initial steps for the change that was mandatory now. RIM has also no interest in commenting on the pending litigation as of now. Whatever the situation may be for the customers it is good news as the company is coming up with the best possible in line. All new users will get a complete package of Smartphones and tablets for having a complete new experience.

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