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LG DM2350D TV PC: All in one giving 3D HD - Review


If you are given the opportunity to own a full HD PC monitor that comes in a 3D TV form, will you take it up? Well here as far as I am concerned, I would merrily go in for the click. LG is offering the same tempting features in the new LG DM2350D LED LCD TV that comes from the Flatron DM50D clan. This one is irresistible for many I’m sure.

The LG DM2350D is a big shot star with the monitor that is a Cinema 3D. For all the fresher’s it is a high definition PC monitor along with being a digital TV that has an IR remote and an integrated DVB tuner. But the actual cut here is that it delivers the 3D content fabulously. 3D support comes all along with the playing PC games or watching Blu-ray movies.

This one here will not be the slim liability but will prove its worth to the fullest by letting you give it a small space for all that it wishes to deliver with consistency. LG has done wonders by shrinking in the digital TV tuner to a chassis that is slim and trim shipping along with it an IR remote control. Well there is not much difference giving the kind of shape and size it has to a normal standard flat screen TV provided this one runs only the DVB-T and DVB-C broadcasts. You can connected an external box through the HDMI and watch the full 1080p Freeview HD.

With trials of giving the best, the HD quality for the HD addicts will not be very satisfying considering the kind of soft and smeary image quality the digital TV viewing experience offers. But the HDMI ports in here give all a free access to the external boxes from playing to watching Freeview HD. The LG all-in-one PC TV is game in with the full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel 23 inch monitor with the cool 3D support. The underlying technology used is the TN for 3D that comes with a built-in tuner. The TN technology is constantly improving up front. This effort that LG has put in with TN has resulted in one of the best TN screen seen around with the same range.

The good screen has more credit that it has to bestow upon the LED backlight which results in saturated colours giving a richer appearance. The weak points however cannot be forgotten here. There are issues with the overall brightness. This does not come in as a problem in the conventional 3D mode but comes on a little disappointing if LG’s claims of having increased brightness in the 3D mode are concerned as nothing of the sort happens.

Let us now come on to the 3D technology and interface. The technology is orthogonal, polarised and passive. There is a pair of polarised glasses instead of the regular active shutter glasses. The TV screen is very sensitive to the viewing angles too not leaving much space for the whole room to be a part. The system will equipped quite equipped for the 3D gaming relying on AMD. This is giving a good game compatibility to the users with no major concerns. This however suffers due to the angles again that let you have hallucinations too. The device however is not the best in 3D technology when compared to the others. Yet the 3D comes in with a price that it will willingly grab. Btu with this one here, there is no high tag attached.

The system has a few likes and a fewdislikes on the cards. The backlight is too good and the TV tuner placed in the tiny gap with good features is a whooping one. The user here will however have to compromise on the sense of depth, brightness and the image quality. Also having no built in HD TV support scrambles you to the core.

Finally what we think of the system is that it gives you overall satisfactory outputs and delivers decently with the price tag of $214 USD. The all-in-one TV PC will gain some brand loyalty soon that will be extracted from the existing LG user.

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