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Bosch Navigation 1.5 Review

Bosch Navigation 1.5

Navigation and Nokia's Windows Phones offer Drive . But iPhones currently don't have a really capable-free sat-nav app on offer. So you will still need to rely on premium software. There are already TomTom , Navigon and ALK CoPilot options, but now there's a new player - and it's not one you would expect. More famous for its white goods, Bosch has released its own iPhone sat-nav app called Navigation.

On first loading, Bosch Navigation provides a pretty familiar arrangement of a map screen with an overlaid menu. You can search for a destination in the usual fashions, with address entry your first port of call. You can drill down from city to street and house number, but at first glance it appears there is no keyword search. However, if you miss out the city and go straight to street, you can search for this on its own, making it possible to find an address when you're not absolutely sure which town it's in. Full UK postcodes can be input as well.

The points of interest (POI) system isn't quite so flexible. You can search near your current location or destination, but then you have to drill down by category or scroll down the entire list in alphabetical order. It's also not possible to search along a current route. On the plus side, POIs are also shown within the map view, and you can click on the icons to reveal what they are, then take a detour. This is handy if you're looking for a convenient petrol station, cash machine or restaurant, as you can see where the POI is in relation to your current position, although you shouldn't be fiddling with your sat-nav whilst driving. The destination menu does have separate quick links for nearby petrol stations and parking, plus an emergency section which will take you to nearby hospitals or police stations.

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