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Toshiba Satellite L730 Review

The Satellite L730 had come in very well in previous years but this year with more devices popping in, this one looks a little out of place and is not very great on the looks front. However, it is a good piece of technology and performs consistently for the users.

The laptop does not have very good internals but for the advantage of being a budget laptop, the exterior is decently good. The design is reasonably descent with the QWERTY keypad being comfortable for continuous typing. It has the usual flat standard keys that have been placed close and this can constrict the free hand movement. But there are sensibly placed function keys that boost up the progress. The touch pad at the base is a little smaller one but gives a sensibly sensitive touch and navigation to the fingers for the screen. The buttons are place very low on the chassis but still feel firm enough for the fingers to work with.

The screen is a 13.3 inches delivering 1,366 x 768 resolution which might feel not alright if you are simultaneously working on two or more documents. The quality of the image is mind boggling but the colours are fairly descent. The contrast and brightness too are not very satisfying for the eyes to look at. The viewing angles are also not good for the viewer. But one can manage to stay upright and see the full picture.

The compact laptop flashes a screen of 13.3 inches which does not make it a very large form factor. This makes the device well usable featuring the light weight chassis, internal optical drive and 720p screen. The laptop further comes with 2GB of RAM that is common affair for all now. It also have the first generation Core i3 processor that does not form a very good deal for the price. This is almost becoming negligible as of now.

The i3 processor installed is the original piece of technology that Intel had initially come up with. It runs at a speed of 2.53GHz and was considered as one of the fastest i3 chips of the first generation. However, the i3-380 adds no support for the Turbo Boost which would otherwise add up to increased the performance. In spite of considering these lay back points, the laptop gives a no hindrances in effective web browsing or word processing. To give an appropriate power backup while the laptop is on with its work, the battery should be a strong one. In this case however it is not so. The battery will give you a gloomy 3 to 4 hours of life supporting your work.

The Windows 7 Home Pentium as the laptop’s Operating System is a good deal to crack. It has been surprisingly stacked in by Toshiba as the RAM too is 2GB. The 64-bit will allow you to have a further expansion in RAM and this will not be limited to just 3.2GB as is the case with the 32-bit addition. Here in this piece of technology you can be more liberal.

If you are thinking of having a SandyBridge here in the device, then your vivid dreams have come to an end as the budget laptop does not offer any dedicated graphics card. It completely relies on the first generation HD graphics delivered by Intel i3 processor. You do not have to be completely disheartened on this as there is a beam of light coming your way with the graphics card being able to support HD videos and a few of the games. For connectivity, the laptop gives you not many options. It has a multiformat card reader, audio in and out minijacks, three USB ports and the internal optical drive.

Purchasing a 470 Pounds worth laptop with the first generation processor in the times of today is not a good deal to crack when Intel has reached up to the 5th generation and the 7th too. This is what we think on the device. Do let us know what your views are.

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