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Panasonic Toughbook CF-53,semi-rugged form.

Toughbooks are tough on the outside and the inside. The Toughbooks come in only for the target customers who have bent towards quality and at the same time require a mobile device for work basis. The Toughbooks ship in with names like fully-rugged, semi-rugged and business-rugged. The model that we are going to talk about here is CF-53 and comes in the semi-rugged series category.

The CF-53 is a bulky and plump notebook. On the outside, the device gives you a feel of being a briefcase which can place in your tablet or notebook very safely. This is justified by a handle that comes on top of the case. It is convenient to be taken to places high or low. The exterior flashes a crystallized silver finish along with screws around the notches and on the sides that are boldly visible to the naked eye. This looks one like built for laborious usage by the very busy and occupied work going people.

The notebook is MIL-STD-810G certified meaning thereby that it is equipped to bear several ill treatments that you would dear not do with other delicate devices. The device can be dropped from a height of three inches and will still bear the grunt. Along with this the device is made to bear up with high humidity,temperature shock, high/low temperature, altitude, dust, vibration and shock. The keyboard too is spill resistant but strictly the spill resistance does not extend to the DVD drive, speakers, battery section and side panels. All these parts if damaged, this will be charged by the company to the users.

The device is well equipped to have a complete safety cover. The ports and connectivity options are embedded under auto-shut flap. So here you need to hold up the flap with one hand and connect the cables with another. Towards the right are the USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Express slot, SDX card reader, DVD drive and the removable battery pack. The back has two standard USB 2.0 ports, COM ports, Fischer grade USB slot, VGA port, HDMI, and Ethernet port. The front also has slots for headphone and mic jack. The device is capable of doing a 180 degree collapse if required. The notebook will give you the benefit of having the stated advantage when it comes to caring for the same.
Coming to the keyboard we decide the capability and level of comfort that one can have with the device. The keypad has keys that come in dual color tone i.e. Silver and Black. The hand rest is plenty as there is space unmatched. The Windows and Ctrl keys have been replaced by Insert and Delete keys.

The system is at a weight of 2.6 Kg which along with a design of a briefcase looks sturdy and strong. The system will be able to take in several minor tumbles and falls.

Coming to the inside, the device is equipped with the Intel Core vPro i5 processor running with a speed of 2.5GHz. To give in further support for efficient working it comes with 320GB HDD space and 4GB RAM. There is an integrated Intel HD Graphics card though it is not one that adds to the greatness of the device. The OS that the device has is the 32-bit Windows 7 Professional.
The keyboard hand rest has added to the favorable aspect of the system and also adds to the brilliance with both feedback and button feel. The speakers are loud enough as that would appear in any notebook whil ethe viewing angles are great as it gives you complete liberty to flip open the device completely. The shutdown time of the device is decent and the boot up too is fine. The device stands up tall even after being dropped in from a height of three feet.

The battery of the device is a strong one that comes in as a 6750 mAh model. The battery after a complete use of 2 hours and 30 minutes dies away. If this is made use of normally, then it will exhaust after about 5 hours. The battery is a more optimized one than what that of a normal laptop would be.

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