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Logitech G300 gaming mouse review

Logitech's Gaming Mouse G300

Logitech's Gaming Mouse G300 is designed for hand-held optical pointer action with plenty of buttons to press, all for £29, which makes it one of the cheaper gaming mice around.

The mouse is programmable - the configuration software allows you to assign the macros of your choice to each button, which you can use for popular desktop shortcuts or your favorite gaming controls. You can also switch between three different pointer sensitivity resolutions using the buttons on the back of the mouse, and the mouse's illuminated sides change colour to indicate which resolution you're using. The G300 supports settings of between 250dpi and 2500dpi, but the configuration software is a bit fiddly.

We couldn't get comfortable with the G300's design. Even in a small hand, it feels unnaturally short, and left the base of our palm resting on the mouse mat. The entire thing is also very lightweight, which can be a particular problem at higher sensitivity levels, as it's too easy to nudge the pointer too far and throw off your aim. The company's own Logitech G400 costs the same and is far better.

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