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Facebook launched 60 new apps for timeline


Facebook has launched more than 60 apps for its new Timeline profile pages from companies like Ticketmaster, Kobo, TripAdvisor and Klout. This is the result of Facebook opening up its Open Graph platform which pulls data into Facebook from other apps and social networks. Opening the system up like this should ensure we will be seeing a lot more developers submitting apps for the platform.

"We think that thousands of applications will be built on this platform in the coming weeks and months," said Carl Sjogreen, Facebook director of platform products, at the launch of the apps in San Francisco.
If this is a little confusing, then Facebook has summed up what the new apps do with the handy triptych: user-action-object. So for example: TrustedReviews (user) published (action) another fantastic story (object).

Facebook had already rolled out some new social apps from the likes of the Guardian and Spotify which have proved to be popular if our news feed is anything to go by. When you want to add an app, you will be first told what information this app needs access to (your interests, friends etc) and you will also be able to set the privacy levels before using the app. The apps, which can be browsed here , are split into categories such as news, music, travel, entertainment and shopping.

Let us know what you think of the new apps and if you will be using any of them on your Timeline.

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