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Dell Inspiron One 2310 Desktop: One Of Its Kind

Dell Inspiron One 2310 Desktop

In world which is fast converting into a big laptop user base, the desktop seems to be a bit awkward. But Inspiron One 2310 Desktop is a very bold leap in that concern. Inspiron one 2310 desktop can be termed as a multi faceted and multi tasking desktop PC.
The features worth observing that ought to be an ideal well equipped PC are present in it, like it has a high-speed Intel core i5 processor, 1000 MB RAM, graphic card to mass storage hard drive. Of all the featuresone of the primary feature is the touch screen which makes the work hassle free and reduces confusion.

The PC carries elegant design with smooth dimensions giving it a very homely yet classy look. Though the design is not that extravagant yet it seems giving a sturdy competition to the design of apple’s iMac.
Often the thinnest and trendiest in terms of this technology is compared with like of Apple specifically iMacs. Space occupancy, build and design have a terrible combination. Accumulating all three in once phase is quite a difficult task, but Dell's Inspiron One 2310 has done it all. It is now giving iMac tough fight with is appeal and attractive shape. On top of that the wireless keyboard mouse is just adding stars to it. The stats like rounded bezel, clear Perspex rear stand and prop feet are decked rightly.


As mentioned above that this PC is designed to make the task easy we can make use of the touch screen which facilitates smooth running of the PC based operations. There is also a provision of wireless input devices like keyboard and mouse which has added merit to the designand display of the Inspiron one 2310 desktop giving it a tackle free look.


Inspiron One 2310 Desktop comes with a HD TV tuner along with a remote control for the TV settings. On the whole the PC has six USB ports each being 2.0.Be it gaming experience, listening to music or watching videos it proves its worth and is lass with all the required specifications.
Now Inspiron one 2310 desktop is windows 7 enabled which means it has touch based applications yet it’s not able to give it all when it comes to touch based features and that is because one has to make use of keyboard and mouse. So the touch based feature carried by windows 7 didn’t rise up to the expectations.


One of the most impressive asset for Dell Inspiron One 2310 is hardware. It comes with features like Intel Core i5-540M 2.53-GHz processor which boost performance to 3.06-GHz under load. Other key specs include 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB 7200rpm hard drive and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics with 1GB RAM. Dell Inspiron One 2310 has lots of connectivity options and ports. On its right edge you will find two USB ports. Also you will have a 7-in-1 card reader, two audio jacks and the power switch. While on the left side you'll find the tray-loading 8x DVD writer. On the back panel are the remaining ports. Other includes Gigabit ethernet, TV tuner, VGA, HDMI, SPDIF, and line out rear audio ports. If you want a wireless connectivity there is provision for that too. This includes Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth options.


Window 7 system's touch capability is fair not that impressive. This implies that you cannot totally rely on touch; you will defiantly require the use of keyboard and mouse. Thisto some extend reduces the performance of this desktop. The 1080p support is great as far as the need for entertainment is concerned,but it sure could have been much much better. The same is the HD experience which could have been enhanced. Though many things are achieve with this desktop but if you are searching for heavy duty gamingexperience that is not possible. It is not that embellished.


We can say that Inspiron One 2310 Desktop is one decent buy with connectivity, strong performance integrations and features. There are no additional frills attached to this desktop. With the cost it offers, you will have good purchase if not an exceptional one. But if you are in search of more modern technology, Inspiron One 2310 Desktop will perform fairly there.

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