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A breakdown of Facebook expected $100 billion worth


Facebook is pretty popular, ‘pretty’ possibly being the understatement of the century, but did you know that in fact 1 in 10 people use Facebook and that combined, that makes 800 million users worldwide?

With that much activity, Facebook Inc. have made themselves a pretty sizable audience for advertisers to address, but with talks of the company going public, just how much did you expect it was actually worth?

A team of business types over at Accounting Degree Online, have looked into the rumors and whispers surrounding Facebook’s possible move to go public. Amidst their research, they came up with a host of interesting figures, including one very special one. The analysts have estimated that Facebook’s IPO (Initial Public Offering) could be somewhere in the region of $100 billion. Based on what we see here, Facebook’s IPO will be the largest in tech company history, six times greater than Google’s for example.

So to clarify, Facebook intend to raise $10 billion by April or June through increased revenue generated by advertising, Facebook fan pages and display ads, in order to push the public value to that magic $100 billion goal, phew!

That’s more than Disney ($61 billion), Amazon ($88.3 billion) and even McDonald’s ($95.6 billion). What’s more, if that $100 billion target is reached, Mark Zuckerberg will pocket a cool $25 billion all for himself, not bad Mark, not bad.

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