Turing Phone Cadenza: The Monster Phone You've Been Waiting For

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Turing Phone Cadenza

With 512MB RAM in a smartphone slowly fading away and 6GB RAM being the highest standard a smartphone can boast of as at now, you might think mobile technology firms out there has fully archive their aim in changing the course of history when it comes to mobile phone. With 14nm based powerful chips dominating mid and high range markets, we thought as well that what has once been considered as impossible which is now fully explored and made a reality has reached it targeted end, but now, something new is here to prove us wrong.

Turing Robotic Industries, a company not well known when it comes to mobile phone has announced a new monster smartphone. The Turing Phone Cadenza as called comes with dual 6GB of RAM, each sitting in a different slot making a total of 12GB. Besides its dual RAM modules it also packs two Snapdragon 830 processors, Qualcomm highest and most powerful processor that is yet to surface.

Turing Phone Cadenza Spec Sheet
Running Swordfish OS, an enhanced operating system based on Sailfish, the device comes with quad SIM slots that will readily accept four SIM cards from different network providers. Another notable features of Cadenza are 60-megapixel and 20-megapixel cameras it packs at the rear and front. In addition, it comes with two 256GB of internal storage making a total 512GB and has two MicroSD expansion slots that can accommodate up to 256GB each.

The Turing Phone Cadenza outer layer is made of Graphene Oxide Composite, a lightweight metal. It features a 5.8-inch Quad-HD (2560x1440) display, supports Qualcomm Bluetooth apX audio, and is fuelled by a 100Wh battery.

There is no details regarding its pricing and availability yet.

Image Source: AndroidPolice
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