HP Powerup Backpack charges all your mobile devices and laptop on-the-go

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HP is one of the world's leading laptop maker that is highly recognized in all part of the world, but the company latest innovation is not about its machines this time around. Powerup Backpack is a medium-range smart backpack meant to keep the juice flowing on your portable gadgets and mobile devices on-the-go.

It might look like an "ordinary" backpack you see on the street everyday, but what makes Powerup different is 22400mAh battery integrated in a special compartment within it. There are routes that linked one compartment to the other within the backpack where wires are passed to distributes current that flow from the equipped rechargeable battery. According to HP, the battery is powerful enough to charge a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone simultaneously, or charge a smartphone ten times, though that depends on the capacity of the phone battery.

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We have seen backpacks with the same functionality in the past; we remember quite well about AMPL which even offers more premium features. But then pricing do have a major role to play. HP Powerup is coated to resist wet weather, but to further protect the bag against high humidity and rain it comes with its own raincoat.

HP is including two Micro-USB cables and a laptop cable with every purchase. The Powerup Backpack costs $199 USD and is available for pre-orders on Amazon. It will start shipping from 19th of September.
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