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Last month, we announced that we will be making some changes to our site. Today, we are happy to announce to you our readers that CCN World Tech has got a new shorter and easy-to-remember url which is www.ccnworldtech.com (check your browser address bar).

Some of our users complained earlier that our previous blog url "cabnet-onmobile.blogspot.com" is too long to remember which trigger us to go on a long race to bring maximum satisfaction. You can now easily access our site "www.ccnworldtech.com" anytime without cracking brain. And if it takes you longer to adapt to our new address, simply type CCN World Tech on Google or any search engine in your browser and search, that will definitely lead you here. No more excuse for you not to visit us :D

However, if you have the previous site address bookmarked somewhere you can't get your hands on to make changes right now, you don't have to worry as "cabnet-onmobile.blogspot.com" will still lead you here. If you like us, please press the share button to spread the word and notify as many people as you can.

Our contact page is open for all to reach us anytime. If you don't know who we are and what CCN World Tech is all about, you check our about us page.

Your satisfaction is our pride, this is just the beginning...
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CCN World Tech is a platform specifically dedicated in providing latest tech related news and articles around the world. We also tutor people on how to get the best out of their handheld and tech pertaining devices. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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