[One Click] The Fastest And Easiest Way To Root Infinix Zero X506

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Root Infinix Zero

Rooting an Android phone is quite easy especially if you know the right method or exploit that works for your device. Infinix is one of the top phone maker in West Africa especially in Nigeria, and their recently launched Zero {X506) is the first KitKat-based phone to be launched by the company, which comes with a price tag of NGN 20,900 (approx $131). For Infinix Zero users, here is how to root your phone in one click.

DISCLAIMER: This information is intended for experienced users only. It is not intended for basic users and hackers. Please do not try the following method if you are not familiar with mobile phones. We will not be responsible for the use or misuse of this information, including loss of data or hardware damage.

Follow the procedures listed below to root your Infinix device.

1. First download and install root genius from here to your PC.

2. Go to your phone settings and enable USB Debugging. To enable USB Debugging simply go to Developers Options and tick Enable.

3. Plug in your Infinix Zero to your PC using an original USB cable.

4. Double-click on Root Genius shortcut on your PC desktop to launch it and click on ROOT IT.

After few minutes your phone should reboot fully rooted. Download Root Checker to verify and confirm if your Infinix is successfully rooted. If you are a Tecno user you can root your phone in one click using this tool.
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  1. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Doesn't rooting terminate any warranty on your phone for future repair in any of the phone's repair offices? Or can a rooted phone be unrooted? If yes, pls share especially for the infinix zero or any of the tecno phones

  2. Yes, rooting an Android phone does terminate its warranty. As to your second question, "most" Android phones can be un-root and make fit to claim its warranty without the manufacturer knowing.

    Your other questions will be answered next week in an article that explains how Tecno and Infinix users can unroot their smartphones. Just stay connected.

  3. Earlier than we thought, here are are your answers http://cabnet-onmobile.blogspot.com/2015/04/how-to-easily-unroot-android-phones.html


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