How To Write Longer Tweets On Twitter On Any Mobile Browser

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Write Longer Tweet on Twitter

Twitter is one of the greatest social networks on the planet with over 271 Million monthly active users and 500 Million tweets per day. When it comes to sharing information and knowing what's happening around the globe, twitter cannot be put aside but it do have one limitation, only 140 characters are supported.

It is really a good thing to be able to fully express oneself when writing or composing a message, but twitter do like the message to be brief anyway. We'll be sharing two sites which allows twitter users to tweet more than 140 characters for free.

  • Writelonger: This is one of my favorite, you need not to worry about browser platform when accessing the site, its very easy to use. No registration is required and it is ads-free, you get connected to your twitter account with just one-click and facebook is also supported.
    With writelonger, you can tweet more than 140 characters and even upload and share your pictures, which is very interesting. From the dashboard, you can manage all your tweets, change your twitter settings, and see live preview of what is going on. This is by far the best tools for managing twitter accounts.

  • Twitlonger: With Twitlonger you can tweet more than 140 characters on twitter, their site is simple and easy to navigate. No registration is require as well and with one-click you can connect with your twitter account. All posts tweeted through their site are kept under your accounts which you can manage later if you wish.
    Twitlonger is not fully free, the basic account lets you tweet longer message but with ads at its end. To remove ads you will need to upgrade your account with just £1 per month.

Our recommendation goes to the first, but if you want something straightforward with no additional service, you can go for the second.
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