How To Use ADB and Fastboot On PC Without Installing Android SDK


ADB is one of the most undispensable tool when it comes to debugging, troubleshooting and rooting an Android device, its usefulness is has unique as Android itself.

Another tools that proves to be as useful as ADB is Fastboot, both works along together quite well but the later is more useful when Android itself is un-accessible on a device. At birth of Android, only developers make use of these tools but now most Android users are directly or indirectly familiar with it.

To use ADB and Fastboot requires first downloading Android SDK which is almost 100MB in size, but thankfully there is a way to use ADB and Fastboot without having to download Android SDK. A developer on XDA has find a way to create and build a miniature ADB and Fastboot driver that's only 2MB in size. Minimal ADB and Fastboot as it's been called support all Windows Operating Systems and doesn't require any additional software to run. This is especially useful for those who only want to troubleshoot or root their Android phones, you need not to download the Android SDK.

How To Use: Download and install the Minimal ADB and Fastboot to your PC, a shortcut folder will be create on your desktop. Navigate to the folder and click on ADB or Fastboot to run.

If you want to flash a custom ROM or custom recovery, simply put the file in the ADB folder and run the ADB program. If you have difficulty in using it, drop your comment below.
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  1. please can i use minimal adb and fastboot to root my sony experia arc s lt18i and pls hw do i go about it.
    thank you.

  2. Follow the steps here to root your Xperia device

  3. I am having issues with custom recovery for Tecno 8h. How do i go about it. Can I use the minimal ADB as well

  4. @Oluwatobi You can download custom recovery for Tecno 8h from here and follow the methods listed in the page to flash it on your device.


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