How to Tag Names on Facebook, Insert Football Clubs Flag on Mobile Browser

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There are many Facebook tricks and codes, today we will be sharing how you can tag names of users and friends to your Facebook group posts, pages and comment on any mobile browser i.e Opera Mini, UC Mini, Chrome e.t.c.

You don't need to have a PC, Facebook Messenger or Facebook Lite apps to easily tag or mention friends inside your status, post and notes. With this trick you can even tag the name of peoples that are not in your friend list on any of your status update and comment.

Lets get started

If you are using Opera Mini, Chrome Firefox and the likes, click on the facebook profile picture of the person you want to tag, then go to your browser address bar and look for something that looks like this among the web URL id=xxxxxxxxx, copy or write down the number in front of the "id=", we mean the "xxxxxxxxx".

If you are using UC Browser or UC Mini, you can navigate to the person profile picture, click and hold on the, then select Page Info among the list options, under it you will see Link Info which is the profile picture URL link, you can simply look for the "id=xxxxxxxx" and copy it.

After copying or writing it down, go to the comment or status update box where you want to tag the person name, and input it like this @[xxxxxxx:name], replace the "xxxxxxx" with the person ID you copied earlier, and "name" with the person's name. You can write any message after that and post it. Thats it, you've just tag a name.

Please Note: The "xxxxxxx" only contains number and not alphabet, make sure you only copy the "xxxxxxxxx" in front of "id=" in the picture URL link.

In addition, do you know you can post the flag of your favorite football team on facebook? Yes you can, here's how to do it. Simply enter the name of the team you want its flag to show up like this xxxxx replace the "xxxxx" with the team name and post it. E.g [[manu]] will be for Manchester United flag, [[arsenal]] for Arsenal flag, [[chelsea]] for Chelsea flag and so on. It works on both mobile and PC, give it a try.
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