How To Increase Your Android Smartphone RAM Memory Up To 4GB

Increase Android Phone RAM

Android smartphones are one of the top gadgets being used till date, almost every households possess one. It varies in terms of hardwares and softwares specs depending on product and price. You can get an Android phone for as low as $75, which makes it one of the cheapest gadgets available.

But low-end Android smartphones do have limitations when it comes to running apps that requires high specs to run smoothly, and users do usually face lagging and bootloop most of the time when trying to run such apps. Three hardwares specs determines the strength of a device, Processor speed, Internal storage and RAM. Today, we'll be sharing the easiest way to increase your Android phone RAM memory.

Before you proceed, please note that root is required, if you do not know what root is, you can simply search the net to know more.

ROESOFT RAM Expander (Swap) is an app developed by ROESOFT, it is capable of increasing phone RAM memory up to 4GB by swapping phone RAM with external storage. There has been many success stories which makes us believe that it works. To get started, you first need to check if your Android device is compatible by downloading Memory Info & Swapfile Check and running the test, if it is successful you can proceed by buying the app on Google Play.

How To Use: After downloading and installing the app to your phone, launch it and create a swap file. To create a swap file, click on the swap active and enable it. That's all, after activating it you should be able to run RAM-consuming apps smoothly.

Please Note: For maximum efficiency, make sure you use a Class 8+ MicroSD card.
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