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Klout Android app

Klout is a service that provides social media analytics to rank users according to their influence. Klout was first launched on iOS last month and its now releasing an Android version for Android users for the first time.

Klout Features For Android Include
  • Content Streaming: Klout intelligently recommends articles that will strike a chord with your unique audience. Helpful tags identify great content that's trending, hot off the press, or else a hidden gem that your audience hasn't seen.
  • Scheduling: Automatically publish your content when your audience is most engaged online.
  • Topic Explorer: Enhance your personalized content stream by expanding your list of topics and interests
Klouet collect data from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google Plus and others to help rank your klout score. The app is free, click the link below to download on Google Play. Klout for Android can be download here
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