Spirit FM For Android: A Radio That Works Without Internet Access

Spirit FM For Android
Spirit FM Interface

Spirit FM is a real, tuned over-the-air FM radio app that doesn't require internet access. It's an app developed my Mike Reid and it works with many android devices. The app works both on rooted and non rooted Android phones and the device doesn't need to have pre-installed FM radio app before it can work.

On most Android devices that doesn't support or have FM radio, you can use this app to gain access and unlock FM radio on your smartphone. Though, on some old model of samsung, htc and motorola, you'll need to have root access before it can work.

Spirit FM 2 was recently released which works seamlessly with HTC One (M7) and One (M8). The interface is easy to understand, and there are lots of tweaks this app offer. You can record while listening to a program in any format and the recordings are stored in your Memory card.

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It has RDS, AF (auto frequency), visualizer and a widget which you can place on your homescreen. You can force your radio sound output to stereo which sounds good when listening through headphone, the sound quality produced is much more better than many pre-installed radio. The UI is customizable and you can choose from many themes, you can customize the background colour and text shown in the status bar as well. Spirit FM is the only app that works and unlock FM Radio on many Android devices. Click HERE to download Spirit FM 1.

Updated 21/02/2015:

Spirit FM 2 for rooted Android 4.0+ including Android 5.0 Lollipop and Android 6.0 Marshmallow smartphones is now live. You can now enjoy radio seamlessly on your Jelly bean, KitKat, Lollipop device including Marshmallow. Go to the official thread on XDA to check phones that are currently supported. Download Spirit FM 2 apk for free.
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  1. Anonymous05:01

    Thank you!!!

  2. Awesome work...

  3. There is no download link please help me.

  4. The links are included. The bolded "HERE" letters and "Spirit FM 2" at the base of the article are links.

  5. Anonymous09:58

    It's giving me an error SU:1 Fm:SLS Su:0 Bt:3 Ht:0 Mo:SLS

  6. What is the name and model of your device?

  7. Anonymous10:02

    Does not work on my samsung s7

  8. Samsung S7 is not supported for now.

  9. It says no superuser/supersu/root.spirit F requires root. Phone Oneplus 2

  10. @Shlok Do you install Spirit FM 1 or Spirit FM 2 ? is your phone rooted? Spirit FM works on some device without root permission but that "may" not be the case with your device.

  11. Anonymous21:50

    not working on my xperia e4 dual. this phone have built-in radio but no fm recording option. i'm looking for it. if there any way to record from built-in fm please tell me. thanks.

  12. Hi, is your phone rooted? If not, we suggest you root your phone and try again. This "one-click root app" can root most Sony Xperia phones, we suggest you try it out.

    You can also search for this app "FMRadio Recorder Lite" on Google.


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