The Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 is being announced

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Samsung Galaxy mini 2

The Samsung Galaxy mini 2 is the heir to a very popular Android device on the cheap. It had leaked earlier but it became official. The mini 2 is not a dramatic make over in terms of specs and looks, but Samsung have gone an extra distance to make it a worthy replacement to its predecessor.

The display has grown slightly from 3.14″ to 3.27″ and the resolution has moved from QVGA up to HVGA (320 x 480). The camera remains the same but video recording is now VGA instead of QVGA.

The CPU inside is the same but there’s a healthy 100 mAh more to the battery, which should help with the battery life too. The design of the mini 2 has also improved, swapping the physical back and menu keys for capacitive ones. There’s a metallic-like rim around the front of the device to give it a more sophisticated look, while the back panel is in tone with the younger-minded mini – it’s orange colored but features no pattern as the original.
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